When you choose Mickle Wagner Coleman, you're bringing a seasoned team of engineering professionals to your project.

Our large staff includes employees skilled in civil, environmental, and soils engineering, construction observation, drafting, surveying, and technical services. The size of our work force and the broad range of abilities we offer provides to our clients the advantages of total in-house staffing.

It is this kind of consistent, in-depth team approach that allows innovative, working solutions to be thoroughly developed -- from initial evaluation, to plan development and design, to construction.

Patrick J. Mickle, P.E.


Chief Engineer   

As Chief Engineer, Patrick Mickle is responsible for overall engineering design and for the day-to-day administration of the company. With over 30 years professional engineering experience, his background includes extensive project management, supervision, and design.

Neal B. Wagner, PLS

Vice President

Construction Observer

For more than 30 years, Neal Wagner has been observing public works construction activities and offers extensive knowledge of the correct methods for sanitary sewer construction and rehabilitation. As resident observer for most of the company's projects, over the past five years he has been the construction observer for more than $30 million in improvements for both residential and commercial subdivisions, sanitary sewer, water, and drainage projects.

Randell C. Coleman, P.E.

Vice President

Project Engineer

A registered professional engineer, Randy Coleman, has been the Senior Project Engineer for street reconstruction projects in the City of Fort Smith Capital Improvements Program (Grand Avenue, Massard Road, 91st Street), and numerous commercial and industrial developments. His experience (20 years +) and expertise also focuses on the development of project plans and specifications, and conducting concrete and soil testing programs for evaluation of foundation designs.

Andrew J. Dibble, P.E.


Project Engineer

An engineering manager within the organization, Andy Dibble has over 20 years of experience in engineering design and construction observation.  His main responsibility is in the area of environmental engineering with expertise in the design of water treatment and distribution systems and sanitary sewer collection and treatment facilities.

Civil Engineering

Land Use & Subdivisions, Street & Drainage, Water & Sewer Systems, Land Surveying

Environmental Engineering

Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities & Rehabilitation, Solid Waste Facilities

Data Testing

Offering a wide variety of water, soils, & materials testing.